Brand Consulting
with Modiphy

Let's get in the weeds together and come out with something awesome.

What questions are you trying to answer as a company? Who are we? Who are we targeting? How can we present ourselves to this audience? What should our name even be?

I'm here to help you answer those lofty questions and clarify your brand's message. We'll meet together for hourly sessions to explore what really makes your company tick. From there, I'll guide you through a process where we discover (or define) the heart of your brand, establishing your values and audience and building a plan for what's next.

Here's what you get:
  • Brand consulting session with me
  • Years of branding expertise at your fingertips
  • Insights into current market and user trends
  • Various brand discovery tools at our disposal
  • All relevant files and documents
Payment due upon start of session

Brand Consulting Projects

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